Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet Baby Girl

Last Saturday I enjoyed the company of Baby Girl J. and her parents in my studio and we had lots of fun together. She made it through 3 wardrobe changes and still left with a little smile on her face. 

At first she wasn't too sure about this lady with the black machine that made a clicking sound and let off a flash of light though, every time I repositioned her or wiped her tears, she got a little upset. But in the end I think I won her over with a few peek-a-boos and funny sounds as well as lots of "Twinkle, twinkle little star" singing.

I was so excited to see the tutu that I had made months ago, in action. I think the pictures are adorable and her expressions are classic! And apparently the giraffe ribbon was very tasty too. Her traditional Indian Sari was amazing and so beautifully made, it was a piece of art and just wonderful to photograph!

Thanks for coming to visit me sweet Baby Girl J. - I look forward to taking some more pictures of you and your family and guests on your 1st Birthday!


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