Friday, October 17, 2014

Lifestyle Photography | Family Photography, Sammamish WA

Several weeks ago, we were about to go out, when I went upstairs and caught a glimpse of my boy pouring over his Lego. 

Now this is something that happens in our house every single day. Absolutely every day! But one day that will change. In the blink of an eye he'll be grown up, the Lego will be packed away and just that glimpse, that memory in my mind will remain.

That's where lifestyle photography comes in. Capturing those everyday (perhaps sometimes even quite mundane) moments. I am so glad I took the time to stop, fish my camera out and snap these shots because this is such a true reflection of who he is right now, at this moment, at this time in his life. 

Sometimes (actually quite often) it is not about the perfect happy portrait, but the sneak peek into who they truly are through what they do on a daily basis. 

And now may I present Alex, the Lego legend!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lego Birthday Party | Family Photography, Sammamish WA

Two weekends ago I had a serious blast! Two words: Lego Party!!!

It was Lucas' 6th Birthday and what a super cool event his Mom put on: 
decorate and pin the head on the mini-figure, build a Lego car, race your
Legcar, Lego cake.....oh, so so fun.

The kids were all so sweet and adorable and cute. And I really enjoyed snapping them as they concentrated on the various activities.

Thanks for letting me partake in this fun celebration!