Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Hummingbirds are humming | Photography, Sammamish WA

A few weeks ago I placed a hummingbird feeder in our backyard. It took a little while but now that feeder is 'a-humm' with cute, tiny hummingbirds. They are the daintiest, most exuberant little creatures you can meet. 

At first we thought it was always the same bird and we called him or her "Flying Saucer". Then one weekend morning I took out my camera and my 70-200 lens and got some really close-up shots. I realized that it was not just one bird but several different little guys that all looked quite different. I counted about 4 or 5 different types, although I did not manage to get good pictures of each of them. They all behave really differently. Some are more relaxed than others. 

I still want to go back and spend a bit more time capturing these sweet little birds, but here are a few pictures I took. 

It is quite challenging trying to shoot these incredibly agile and fast flyers, so sometimes I found the focus was not spot-on, which is why I want to keep at it. 

I had so much fun - these bird pictures really show how gorgeous they are. And while I was waiting I also got a few pictures of our Fuchsias!