Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dana & Jared's Wedding at Tanglewood Arboretum, Advance, NC - No. 2

Well, here I am with the second "episode" of Dana & Jared's wedding pictures. 

The ceremony was held outside under a gorgeous arbor, but before it started the bride had a moment to cool down in the Manor House where she took a few moments to reflect. I love the pictures of her peaking out the window looking at the guests arriving and mingling.

Instead of the traditional ring ceremony these two had a sand ceremony symbolizing the joining of their two families by pouring white and blue sand into a jar.

And just look at that proud look on Jared's face after the kiss!

We took the wedding party out to a secluded field that had millions of tiny yellow flowers all over - it was beautiful in and of itself and perfect for taking the formal pictures of this spring wedding.

I love the pictures of one of Dana's little flower girls, she was adorable playing and smelling the tiny yellow flowers.

And somehow the contrast of the soft green flowery field combined with the Marine Dress Blues works just brilliantly.

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