Friday, August 10, 2012

One big step into Kindergarten - first day of school at Buford Elementary

So last week Friday was a really big day for me, but probably even bigger for my little guy, Alex. He started Kindergarten. For those of you not in the USA, this is "BIIIIG" School. 

Alex was successful in being chosen to attend Buford Elementary School on a tuition basis, which meant a little interview with the Principle as well as a Kindergarten readiness test. We (and I mean Ben & I) were slightly nervous the day we went to the meeting - going to the Principles know. But as it turns out, we had nothing to worry about

And here we are several months later and our big, little guy is off to school - we are Buford Wolves!

The first day started off with some tears, my tears, early in the morning before I had even woken Alex up. I pulled myself together and managed pretty well throughout the rest of the day. Although for some peculiar reason I shed a tear when the teacher spoke Alex's name into her walkie-talkie at car pool time - go figure!

Alex seemed to have had a great day. This week has been a bit of an adjustment as he gets used to early mornings and long, active days. But I have no doubt that Alex is in fabulous hands and that he will excel and grow and love every moment doing it.

In the pictures you'll see a largish orange cone.It is a "Schultüte" - a German tradition. Ben and I made this one for our "I-Männeken". When kids start school in Germany they all get this fun cone stuffed with treats and little presents and all sorts of goodies. Needless to say Alex loved it!

My dear, sweet child, my handsome Alex, I wish you well, I wish you stamina and most of all I wish that you will have an absolute blast every day! I'm proud of you, you know that, and I will watch lovingly as you develop and grow during this next chapter of your life. All my love, Mama

I must give credit to Ms. Wells, Alex's teacher, who took the picture on the right!