Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terrific Twins

A few weeks ago I was asked to take pictures at a 4th Birthday Party for twins Emma and Sarah! What a fun time they had on their special day. 

The event was held at an indoor play area with games and entertainment and oodles of excitement for all the little people!
This shoot was quite challenging for me because of the light (or lack thereof, really) and intense movement by my many subjects but my flash did a great job and I managed to get some really striking images.

Lisa, thanks for the support, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mexican Madness - Take 2

I'm going to share some images of the resort we stayed at. We so enjoyed our days by the beach and pool, sipping ice cold drinks which the friendly staff served us.

There was a total of 4 pools but we preferred to stay at the pool nearest our room because it was the "relaxed" pool without the loud music and big party. Alex practically spent every day in the water, it is a miracle that he's still got normal toes and fingers!!

In the evening we would enjoy sun-downer drinks at the "Privilege Lounge" with a beautiful view of the sea - and for Alex this was usually biscuit time, a lovely treat while on holiday! We also enjoyed our breakfasts out on the deck there each morning! Such a gorgeous setting! 

The main lounges were large with super high ceilings and open on two sides of the building, they were very "hip" with neutral, earthy tones and textures and then a few splashes of bright colours like turquoise, red and orange! 

The last few images are of our final moments, ordering one last Mojito and Virgin PiƱa Colada before departing for the airport. Alex had made a little friend, Pauline, during our stay and they slurped down a last drink together before we had to leave - they were so adorable together and had such a fun time! I enjoyed chatting German to Pauline's Mum and Dad - it was lovely to meet the Bunge Family and we hope to see them again someday! The invitation to come visit us for a "shopping-trip" in the USA stands!

The Mexicans seem to have a wonderful sense of humour: the air traffic control tower at Cancun Airport displays a Corona add! Let's hope the controllers don't consume that to keep hydrated!