Friday, May 2, 2014

A New Beginning | Photography, Sammamish WA

Oh my - oh my, how time has flown. It has been almost a year since I wrote in the blog. Life has been busy.

My family and I relocated to Seattle WA - or to be more exact Sammamish WA - in September last year. Prior to that we had 3 busy months of researching if we should move, making the decision and then getting the ball rolling. An avalanche followed: selling our house, buying a house, moving our belongings including 2 cars and the list goes on.

My first priority is and always will be my family, so I took some time off from the Photography business to get everybody settled into our new home and to make our house a cozy place for us. 

We are now settled and very happy in this beautiful part of the world. The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer and we have so many places to explore and discover, it is so exciting. Life is good. I look forward to sharing our journey.

I have now registered Katja Wright Photography LLC in Washington and I'm getting the business back on track. Hopefully I'll have some new clients soon and I'll be able to share some moments from their sessions.

For now, you'll have to be happy with some 'Easter-egg-colouring-fun' with my son! We did this a year ago and I just took a look at the old pictures - what a difference a year makes. My "little" man looks so grown up now! It's all just going by way too fast.

So, just as Easter is the story of new beginnings, I see this time as a new beginning for my family as well as my company.

Every story has an ending.

But in life, every ending has a new beginning.