Monday, April 30, 2012

Biplane Bonanza

I know most of you are anxiously waiting for some wedding images, but I have to disappoint you about that today. We're not quite there yet! I'm in the throws of editing over 1600 images that I took at my first ever wedding shoot as the 2nd shooter and since this is my first wedding, I'm taking my time to make sure I get the best possible result.  Patience is a virtue!

But hopefully these next few images will keep you going until I get there.

In March my husband Ben and my son Alex had the fantastic opportunity to fly in a Biplane! Now this is actually somewhat of a "thing" in our family - it appears Alex, our 4 year old son, has unwittingly become somewhat of a "moving-objects specialist". To date is had flown ‎exactly 112,464 miles in various commercial aircraft, one of them being the A380. He's been on a helicopter, a cruise ship, multiple boats & ferries, various trains, trams and underground trains, buses that turn into boats, cable cars, his Opa's Mercedes going at 190km/h (120mph) on the Autobahn (grin) and the list goes on...

So, when this Biplane ride came up it only seemed right to send him into the wide-open sky with his aircraft enthusiast Daddy!

I think they both had a lot of fun! 

And I naturally had fun capturing the special moments.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sentimental Spring Break

Yesterday I took my 4 year old son, Alex to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for a Spring Break outing. We had a wonderful time walking around and exploring the garden together in glorious sunshine. Unfortunately most of the tulip show had already passed (spring just came and went way too early this year!) but I managed to find a few pretty things to snap.

I also took this opportunity to take some pictures of Alex, as he is about to lose his first baby tooth - I still can't believe it! It seems like yesterday that I discovered this exact tooth peeping out after a morning feed on our couch while we were still living in Dubai! And then again Dubai and our life there seems a million years away too. Time, a very strange animal.

So - I wanted to take some informal everyday snaps of my handsome boy, who will soon be sporting a "gappy" smile - before he enters this next stage of his life. My aim was to capture him just as he is, with his favorite cap, his funky beads and his adorable smile! We did this while we walked around, sat on benches, twirled in circles, came down slides backwards, rang bells and played on the playground - he just had good old-fashioned fun, and so did I!

I invite you to enjoy these pictures of flowers, and my boy. Both beautiful in their own right! Inside and out.